Awesome Games Done Quick 2019

It’s January, which means another edition of Awesome Games Done Quick is here. The GDQ team has made a name for themselves by holding two separate week-long, massive, speedrunning marathons every year for the past nine years.

Since it’s inception, donation totals have reached over $15 million for various charities such as the Organization for Autism Research, Doctors Without Borders and the Prevent Cancer Foundation.

I discovered speedrunning when Siglemic was doing month long world record attempts at Super Mario 64. At the time, I’d never seen anything like it and as someone who thought they were good at video games, it was a wake up call.

This led me down a wormhole that I haven’t gotten myself out of yet and in turn, hundreds of hours have been spent watching hundreds of different speedrunners play their games at the highest level.

GDQ has progressed over the past years of events. The production quality has skyrocketed with clean layouts, a great sound team and games/systems being swapped out and managed seamlessly (mostly, but they are allowed a hiccup here and there looking at the massive scale of the event).

The event this year begins…well, right now and will continue 24/7 for seven days until completion next Saturday night.

The following are a few of the many runs happening that I’m looking forward to this year. Remember that times tend to vary a bit each way depending on setup time taking longer than expected, or runs going faster than expected.




Donkey Kong Country: Any % All Stages Race

Sunday, 1/6/19, 2:42pm EST

V0oid vs. stew_

Races are always extremely fun to watch at these events and this is no exception. The DOnkey Kong Country series was always a favorite growing up and one that I’ve considered trying to speedrun myself at times.

V0oid and stew_ are both acclaimed runners of Donkey Kong Country. Stew_ currently has the World Record for the 101% category, completing it at 45:56 and V0oid is sitting in 2nd place overall for All Stages with a 32:12.



Chip ‘n Dale Rescue Rangers 2: Any %, 1 Player, 2 Controllers Race

Tuesday, 1/8/19, 9:41am EST

swordsmankirby vs. garadas21

Any time you see the words ‘1 Player, 2 Controllers’ next to a game description, you’re in for something interesting and exciting. I own the Chip ‘n Dale games on the NES and played them as a kid. I’ve never seen the second game speedrun, so I’m excited to check it out.



Super Mario Bros. 3mix: Any % Race

Tuesday, 1/8/19, 9:41am EST

mitchflowerpower vs. Gadien vs. Jabem

Super Mario Bros. 3mix is a rom hack that has adjusted some of the mechanics of the core SMB3 that you may be familiar with. A few of those changes include all new levels, new power ups, the ability to play as Toad, the ability to re-enter past world and many new bosses. On top of having this rom hack be played at a marathon in front of thousands of viewers, it’s a race that includes mitchflowerpower, someone you may have seen on Late Night With Stephen Colbert.


These are just a few of the gems that you can find on this years schedule. If these don’t sound interesting to you, check out the full schedule here for AGDQ 2019 to see if something sticks out. If not, spread the link around to your friends and family to see if they may be interested in watching, or even donating to the cause.

Check out the stream here on Twitch.




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