Marvel Ultimate Alliance: Best Post Game XP/Leveling Method

Over the past few weeks I’ve been going into detail about my thoughts on Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3. My original review can be found here, and analysis on XP cube drops in early Infinity Rifts can be found here.

The search continued to find the best and most efficient method of leveling this massive cast of characters to Level 100 and maxing out the Lab Enhancement grid. The following is a step by step process that I’ve been sticking to. For disclosure, I already have the extra 10% Experience Gain buff from the enhancement grid.

If you’re able to, grab the 10% XP buff by completing the blue lab enhancement grid.

The short version of this method is the following:

  1. Equip White ISO-8 with bonuses to finding more white ISO-8, the chance of rare ISO-8 from dropping and the chance of ISO-8 dropping having a higher class when acquired.
  2. Upgrade those ISO-8 when you find them and replace inferior ISO-8 that are currently equipped.
  3. Find Increase to Team XP white ISO-8. Upgrade and Equip.
  4. Repeat.

For the longer version, keep on reading.


Obtain Increased XP ISO-8 from Superior Difficulty

Your first step is to power your way through Superior Difficulty all the way to Asgard. Half-way through the stage, there is a way point called ‘The Golden City’ that has a loot box for you to destroy. The second encounter after starting this checkpoint, has a golden spire in the middle of the battlefield. Go behind the spire to find the loot box you need to destroy.

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You will acquire a Blue ISO-8 that offers straight XP gain to the character equipping that ISO-8. Upgrade it to +5 as soon as you can for a 100% increase to XP gain.

You’ll acquire a Blue ISO-8 with an XP gain bonus. Upgrade it fully to receive a 100% XP bonus to whichever character has the ISO-8 equipped.

Level a Character with a great AoE attack

Everyone around the internet is suggesting Ms. Marvel for this task, and it’s a hard point to argue. Her L+B attack is called ‘Giant Foot Spinny Thing!’ and is exactly what it sounds. The ability channels as long as you keep hitting B and it completely decimates rooms of enemies. There are other characters that are able to clear rooms as well such as Magneto, but the volume of kills you’re able to grab as Ms. Marvel is pretty insane. Equip the blue ISO-8 crystal from step one on the character you choose and level them up to the 60’s so they can survive Omega Infinity Rifts.


Set Up Your Team

The rest of your team should have specific White ISO-8 crystals equipped. The main ones you’re looking for, have bonuses called “Increased the rate at which white ISO-8 will drop by XX%, Increases the rate at which rare ISO-8 will drop by XX% and Grants a XX% chance of ISO-8 having a higher class when acquired.” At this point, considering you’ve gone through superior difficulty, you will hopefully have a few of these to go around. Upgrade them as high as you can and equip to your team members.

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Complete Infinity Trials

This step is based entirely on what you’re currently capable of doing. Beating Superior difficulty unlocks yet another difficulty, Ultimate, and the Omega set of Infinity Rifts. You aren’t required to get this far, but the higher the level requirement, the more white and rainbow ISO-8 seem to drop.

Omega, Level 61: Rush is a great option for a lot of enemies in a small space.

The ‘End Game’ goal seems to be Omega, Level 61: Rush. It’s a four minute unlimited wave of enemies that keep getting fed to you and your team. Along with that, the battlefield is relatively small, giving your AoE attacks more success. If you’re like me, you didn’t really pay attention to the drops on the lower right of the screen before doing this, but you’ll want to now. I would take notice whenever a new White or Rainbow ISO-8 dropped because they could have that coveted Increased Team XP bonus. Check your ISO-8 every few runs just to be sure.

Once you get your Team XP crystals, start dropping the drop bonus ISO-8 in favor of those, until you have a satisfying amount of Team XP ISO-8.

Then, have fun.

The coveted Team XP white ISO-8 that you will be aiming for.

The Team XP ISO-8 seem to be incredibly rare. I did around 20 of these Rush trials before finding my first one. At four minutes a run, it’s a decent time investment. This should become more efficient over time. The more characters you’re leveling, the more lab bonuses you acquire, meaning you kill enemies faster and ISO-8 drops more frequently.

There are other methods to increase this rate of return as well. In the enhancement grid, each hexagon has three tiles of note that are worth 100 or 130 enhancement points. Getting all of these nodes unlocks the fourth ISO-8 slot for each of your characters, theoretically giving your team an extra 400% XP if you have the ISO-8.

There you go, some more tools for you to continue that grind.

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