Xbox One Adaptive Controller

I woke up this morning and saw an article posted with the above image for a new Xbox One Controller with the primary goal of allowing those with disabilities a way to play video games again.

There are many different conditions, both physical and mental, that don’t allow this population to play video games for the sole reason of not being able to use a traditional controller. The reasoning could be not being able to put the correct amount of pressure on buttons, not being able to have the correct precision to move your fingers between buttons or just not being able to shape your hand around them.

Connected via 3.5mm and USB wires to the top of the controller, you can customize the setup to include an array of different attachments/extensions to work for the individual using it. There are larger buttons, floor pedals, joysticks and more that you can use to customize the experience.

Along with the attachments, it comes with the ability to re-map the controller to whatever button layout you’d like, even giving you the option of attaching certain buttons to a classic controller, while attaching other buttons to the adaptive controller.

The following video can show you a few things that this new adaptive controller can do…

I’ve worked with populations that have mental and physical disabilities for around a decade now, and I wasn’t expecting something like this to come out. It’s unfortunate, but populations with disabilities are often forgotten about or looked over. It’s nice to see Microsoft make an effort to really affect a lot of people’s lives by developing this controller.

To read more, check me out here. I Wasn’t Prepared For This

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